Grace & Government

All we do must be based on the Word of God

Grace & Government

A Return to the New Testament Church of the Book of Acts

Below is the outline from the 1974 teaching series Grace & Government

The restoration of the Apostles & Prophets


• The Government shall rest on His shoulders
• Divine Order
• The fallacy of grace versus the Law
• Grace & government are the safeguards to protect the individual believer
and the body of Christ
• Until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled

The Church
• Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets
• Purpose of the church
• The Universal church
• The local church is geographical
• Plurality of leadership
• First apostles, then prophets, after that …..

The Five Main Ministries
• The primary role of the five main ministries
• Apostles
• Prophets
• Evangelist
• Pastors (shepherds)
• Teachers

The Operation of the Church
• Elders, Deacons and all the Saints
• Apostles & Elders
• The Ministry Gifts within the Church
• No one had lack or need
• The women’s role in the church

The Mobile Ministries
• Apostolic Teams
• Agabus and group of Prophets
• The work of the Evangelist
• Spreading the good news
• Establishing churches

The church at the end of this Age
• You have heard, or it is written
• Where are we and how did we get here
• What have we missed and how did we miss it
• What we have done right
• Where are we going
• He is faithful

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