Grace & Government

Restoring the Church to the Original Blueprint

This is a picture of the ancient Synagogue at Capernum.

A Return to the New Testament Church of the Book of Acts

Project Outline
On the Road to Emmaus
About the Galilee Project
Original Intent
Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand
Modern Day Pharisees

The Government shall rest on His shoulders
Divine Order
The fallacy of grace versus the Law
Grace & government are the safeguards to protect the individual believer and the body of Christ
Until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled

The Church
Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets
Purpose of the church
The Universal church
The local church is geographical
Plurality of leadership
First apostles, then prophets, after that …..

The Five Main Ministries
The primary role of the five main ministries  
Pastors or more correctly shepherds

The Operation of the Church
Elders, Deacons and all the Saints
Mobile ministries and local ministries
The Ministry Gifts within the Church
No one had lack or need
The women’s role in the church

The Mobile Ministries
Apostolic Teams & Apostolic Companies
Agabus and group of Prophets
The work of the Evangelist
Spreading the good news
Establishing churches

The church at the end of this Age
You have heard, or it is written
Where are we and how did we get here
What have we missed and how did we miss it
What we have done right
Where are we going
He is faithful

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