The Galilee Project

Restoring the Church to the Original Blueprint

“ This picture of the Galilee was taken from the shore at Capernum ”

Back to Basics

A Return to the New Testament Church of the Book of Acts

There are many of us who believe the New Testament Church of the Book of Acts is the model we should follow. Yet today, you would be hard pressed to find any churches operating in that power and purpose. That have beliefs, doctrines and a governmental structure that Paul and the Apostles would not recognize.  

For a brief time in the 1970s, hundreds of us lived, worked and experienced a church built upon that model. It wasn't perfect, but for us it was close. We even had the help and oversight of the international Bible teacher, Derek Prince. Many of us have spent years looking to replicate what we had.

50 years ago I wrote a teaching series called Grace & Government. It was how I saw the working of the church in apostolic times. It was something the I'm always thinking about that church and how far we have strayed. I've taught Grace & Government over the years to a diverse group of leaders from all sorts of denominations and nondenominational churches.

The purpose of this website is to explore the possibility. To hopefully start a dialogue.

Talking Points

I believe the apostolic writings of the first century give us a look at the blueprint for Jesus' church.  

  • What is the model, or blueprint, of the church in the Book of Acts? Where do you find the blueprint? What would it take to implement, to bring the Church back to its original intent?
  • The church is at a crossroads concerning the destiny of America, Israel and the church itself. It is time we learn the Lord’s original intent and how to produce it. In America it is easy to study the original intent of the founding fathers because they left so many documents, with the church, it is different.
  • We know the bible is not a systematic study of how to produce Yeshua’s church. He’s waiting on the men called from the foundation to learn His way and do it His way.